About U District Minyan

U District Minyan is a welcoming community that opens its doors to all. We gather on Shabbat, Holidays, and other special occasions to celebrate together. Our vibrant community offers a warm and inclusive environment for everyone to connect and grow.

The services are led by lay leaders from the local Jewish community and are performed according to the Orthodox traditions in Hebrew (with help in English and Russian) in Nusach Ari. If You are interested in joining us just stop at our building, we start the Service at 10 AM (on the dot), but that should not stop you if you are running a little late. We also hold Holiday services, dates and times may very so please check here before each holiday or send us a message. We are looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you, See you at the Shul.

Our principles

We believe in creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds.




We foster a sense of community and connection among our members, providing a space for meaningful relationships to develop.

We embrace the spiritual aspects of Judaism, offering opportunities for prayer, reflection, and personal growth.